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NewsHunt eBooks on iPhone a review

Just reviewed NewsHunt on my iPhone 4, getting a new 6 in sometime and will submit soon. Presenting my review: Home page: A little different from the News version, where I can select the languages I wanted see ebooks. Interactive app home page showing new book collections, recommended, and much more collections. A quick link [...]

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Askme App Review: The Easy and Smart a Must Have Assist App

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Huawei honor 4 will come?

Huawei Honor 4 (Glory 4) is one of the hottest waited events on the global mobile arena as the developer was about to announce the device on December, 16, 2013. Until now the true technical specifications of the new device are still unknown. However we have got some leak information for you to compare the [...]

Acquiring Successful Online Betting Strategies

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Reaching Fitness Goals With Heart Rate Monitors

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