5 Worthwhile Safety Measures For Your Car

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, over a million cars in the U.S. are stolen each year. That’s a car theft every 26 seconds! If you don’t want to become part of this shocking statistic, you’ll need to modify your car with special security measures that they don’t offer right off the lot. To protect your vehicle and yourself, here are five excellent auto safety accessories.
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1: LED Running Lights

Cast a spotlight into the shadows with LED illumination. These lights can be fitted everywhere from your bumper to your front grill, and they’ll keep all kinds of thieves and cowards away. No one wants to risk an attack on such a high-profile and noticeable vehicle.

2: GPS Navigation

While GPS is now standard in many newer vehicles, there’s a big difference between the basic kind that gives driving directions and the elite software that can also call for emergency responders or offer updates on real-time traffic. Depending on your confidence on the road, it may be worth an upgrade to enjoy all these additional security features. If nothing else, the roadside assistance will see great use by the teen drivers in your family.

3: Hi-Definition Rear Cameras

If you live in a sketchy neighborhood, or if your children have the bad habit of playing behind your car, a hi-definition camera in your rearview mirror might literally save lives. The interface will pop up whenever your car is in reverse, giving you veritable eyes in the back of your head, and then they’ll disappear during your normal drive for regular visibility on the road.

4: Signal Mirrors

Tired of being cut off in traffic? Worried about merging on the I-90 during your new commute? Signal mirrors offer small lights and arrows that appear on your side view mirrors whenever you’re about to make a turn. They’ll let other drivers know exactly where you’re going, and in the case of large trucks in your blind spot, they can offer you piece of mind when driving beside timber transport.
5: Car Alarm Systems

Don’t be satisfied with a weak car alarm. Invest in a top-notch car alarm system that includes things like door sensors, remote starting and ignition kills. Remember, you have only 26 seconds in the event of an attempted theft to stop yourself from becoming a victim. Visit this website to learn more about protecting your car from burglaries, accidents and opportunists.

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