Apps with Common Sense- Smart Sense App Review

With the ongoing rapid change in internet and smartphones, people are rushing their ways into business, gaming, communicating and whole bunch of other useful stuffs. What if apps get evolved too? It’s hard to imagine Android apps with smart tag with them but TechJini doesn’t agree here. They’ve developed an app with the ability to perform smart tasks while maintaining a close contact with the users and their requirements. It’s difficult for the developers to cope up with the other utilities and develop an app worth of fulfilling the users’ important tasks keeping all the common senses. TechJini Inc. has come up with an incredibly amazing Android app for smartphones called ‘Smart Sense’.

Smart Sense App

Little Knowledge about the Publishing Company

TechJini has footsteps from New Jersey, Bangalore and Tokyo. It’s multinational software solution-based company which has recently made their amazing debut in Android apps with “Smart Sense” which has the ability to maintain the problems associated with users and tends to fix them with its smart policies. TechJini is quite familiar in the software industry since it has improved so many companies in their mobility software solutions. Some of the companies are Innovative Start-Ups, Fortune Enterprises etc. TechJini is all about maintaining real business value to the software products while focusing on Transformational technology.

Smart Sense and its Functionality

Smart Sense has some significance to its name. It’s named after “Smart” as it provides cutting-edge features to the consumers. Let’s review some of the features and application of this amazing app. People who keep switching their life from office work to personal works, and then this app is for you. This software allows your smartphone to take a bit of extra decisions through the time frame while adapting itself to various environments by sensing your place automatically. Manual syncing is pretty boring and it causes to lose most of your time trying to figure out the proper ways to sync. In order to eradicate this problem, Smart Sense enters into the scene. Syncing your Google Calendar can never be much easier than Smart Sense. It’ll automatically run the jobs on background so that you can go on with your other works at hand. The app also helps you at the most important meets by keeping your phone silent while you’re in it. After the scheduled meeting, it’ll return to the normal state as it belongs. Another mind-blowing feature is Remote Access Capability. Smart Sense is pretty intelligent and it helps the users to see the messages or calls in their phone even after they’ve left it somewhere else. This is a pretty important and handy tool when you leave your phone at home and go for a walk. Users also have the capability to encrypt their data and find out the location of your phone if it gets stolen or lost.

Those who have got along with this cutting-edge software are considering it’s one of the best apps in the market due to its simplicity and full functionality within a very short package. App Weekender, a blog-site with multiple articles on Android apps, has chosen Smart Sense as top 30 apps of the week. This app has also been shortlisted as expert demonstration in Bangalore Android User Group (BAUG).

Any person with smartphone in todays’ world reserves very less time to incorporate with their mobile phones. They’ve pretty less time to select the ongoing works in their phones which might decrease their work performance. In that case, Smart Sense comes handy. It’ll work as an assistant to most of the users. Most of the users have demonstrated the “smart meeting” as one of its unmatched feature. The most fundamental feature of this app is it can cure itself where you can enjoy its full benefits. It’s totally free on the app market. So, don’t waste your time and grab this app as soon as possible.



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