AWeber VS GetResponse – Which One is the Best?

We all know that our life is now largely dependent on the Internet. Everything we do offline has some effects online. We shop online, we communicate with people online. One of the many forms of online communication is Email and not only people but even corporations and companies use Email to stay in contact with their consumers or users.

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A lot of marketing campaigns are being run online using Email marketing. In Email marketing, a marketer sends emails to the people who have subscribed to them about their products, updates, discounts, offers and many other things. But when you have a huge email list, you need something to manage your campaigns. These tools are known as Email Marketing Tools and they can be used to design, send and analyze your campaigns.

In this post I am going to talk about two very good email-marketing tools and we will also compare them to see how well they work. The names of these tools are AWeber and GetResponse.



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AWeber is one of those email-marketing tools that have been around since a very long time. I have seen many people use it and I have an account there as well. AWeber has a large collection of predesigned templates that you can use as a design for your newsletters. It also supports Autoresponders, which you can use to perform automation of email when some event is triggered.

You can import your contact list easily and making sign-up forms is easy too. If you need an email-marketing tool that just works out of the box, then AWeber is for you.



GetResponse is a new and better player in the market of email marketing tools. I have been using it since last few campaigns and I am in love with it already. I am the type of person who likes to customize the newsletters before sending them. Even though GetResponse gives you predesigned template to work with, you can just customize one for yourself too and I think this gives GetResponse an edge over AWeber. You can also perform A/B testing to get the most out of your marketing campaigns on GetResponse. Their analytics section is amazing and provides all the data you need in real time.

Comparing the factors – features showdown!

Templates & Customization

As I mentioned above, AWeber has the largest collection of predesigned templates and on the other hand, GetResponse allows users to customize the template and hence it gives more power in the hands of the users. But if you want to use predesigned templates on GetResponse, then they have their own fair share of predesigned templates that are responsive as well so you can also target the users on mobile devices.

Extra Important Features

GetResponse is a new tool and hence they are doing things differently. But they have been providing some great features that dominate over other options. Features like being able to A/B testing so that you can have a better email marketing campaign and even the Autoresponder 2.0, which is a new and better way to automate the email marketing.

I’m not saying AWeber has less features but it seems they are not able to keep up with the competition. Their feature list has been stagnant since a long time. I have noticed that GetResponse’s analytics is much better as compared to AWeber’s as you get more data to analyse and all the data is updated in real time.


Both AWeber as well as GetResponse provides free trials so that you can figure out which service you are going to use. I have tried both of them and I am inclined towards GetResponse more.


AWeber plans start from $19 a month and you can manage 500 subscribers and there are no limits on the number of emails you can send and the top plan costs $149 a month for managing 25000 subscribers.


On GetResponse, the basic plan starts from $15 a month for 1000 subscribers and you can get the plan for $12.30 if you pay for it annually. Compared to AWeber’s basic plan and GetResponse’s basic plan, the plan from the latter makes more sense. Even the top plan from GetResponse allows you to manage 100,000 subscribers at $450 a month.


I have been a user of both AWeber as well as GetResponse but the plans from GetResponse makes more sense as it comes for cheap and also provides great features at the same time. They also allow you to customize your templates and the A/B testing allows you to test your email campaigns before making them live.

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