Important Uses of Binomial Theorem

A mathematical expression with two terms is known as “Binomial”. When the binomials are multiplied by itself, the calculations get longer and longer, and a pattern gets developed. The pattern is summed up by using the “Binomial Theorem”. This theorem describes the algebraic expressions of the powers of a binomial. It expands the binomial expressions. Hence, this theorem is also known as binomial expansion. It uses Pascal’s triangle to determine the coefficients. This theorem is applied to the powers of any binomial.

The binomial theorem has enormous applications and uses in the real world. Some of the uses are:

IP Address Distribution

In computing areas, the binomial theorem is used for the distribution of IP address. With the help of this theorem, the distribution of the virtual IP address is also possible apart from the automatic distribution of the IP address. The theorem is used when the IP address of the fixed host and the number of hosts are more than the total round off.

Economic Prediction

This theorem plays an important role in predicting the nation’s economy. To predict the behaviour of the economy in the future years, it helps us to count the probabilities which depend on numerous distributed variables. Realistic economic forecastings are feasible only with the help of binomial theorem.


In the field of architecture, this theorem is widely used to design the infrastructure. To deliver the accurate estimates like cost, the time required to complete the project and to find the other magnitudes of the project, the binomial distribution is used. It helps to ensure the project cost to deliver them with enough profit. To obtain the exponential growth in the architecture which is an inverse function of the logarithm, the expansion of binomial is really helpful.

Weather Forecasting

In weather forecasting and disaster forecasting, the binomial theorem is widely used. It is impossible to do the weather forecasting without the binomial distribution.

Candidates Ranking system

To rank the candidates in many competitive examinations, the binomial distribution is widely used. The probability will be difficult without binomial distribution. Since this theorem is used in higher calculations and mathematics, it helps to solve many scientific works with a higher degree of equations.

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