Blackberry messenger : Now on I-phone

Blackberry messenger now on i-phone! I’m not lying and that’s what I’m going to tell you here. It is confirmed news that Blackberry company is changing their way. This summer, Blackberry messenger will be available in Android Ice cream sandwich (4.0) and I-phone and it will give a basic support. Blackberry CEO Thorsten heins Said in a press briefing that they are dedicated to take the blackberry messenger experience to a new level and they will first start with common messaging and others but voice and screen sharing will be also added on later.
  Blackberry messenger : Now on I-phone

What is blackberry messenger ?

Maybe it would be a silly description for many of you about The BBM but I’m going to write a little bit about this application. Blackberry messenger is an online based messenger and also video calling software added on the Blackberry device that allows messaging and video calling for Blackberry smart phones between the black berry customers. The messages are sent via internet. With even wi-fi connection you can access the messenger.

Blackberry messenger comes to I-phone! :

Now many say that the blackberry company should have done this years ago. The software has over 60 millions of users who receive and send 20 billions of messages everyday and overall half of  it is  done with less than 20 seconds. Now that many instant messaging applications like whatsapp has arrived it would be tough job for the software to gain the top position. But the officials of black berry are confident with themselves that BBM messenger will br the first choice now for the android and i-phone users. They are now even planning to release the software for the other mobile companies.

The move of BBM going into i-phone is also seen as gamble as they can lose control over their most important service. It’s not been confirmed how they are going to gain profit from this but the CEO’s confident with this move.

Now, if you’re looking to enjoy Blackberry’s messenger on your iPad there’s bad news for you. Blackberry’s application chief Vivek Bharwaj says that the app will only be allowed in the i-phone and android smart phones. But there’s good news with the bad ones also. He has said that in near future they will try to allow that app for I-pad addition too though he didn’t say it specifically.

Now the BBM company have published the features, support and others for the BBM messenger that will be available on i-phone. Remember the application will run on iOS 6.

The following features will be supported in I-phone for BBM :

1. Multi person chat
2.Voice mail sharing
3.BBM immediate chat
4.and of course the blackberry group where the customers will be able to build up group of 30 people to share images, documents and others.

Now as for competition, it is heard that Google and facebook is trying to launch their applications on I-pad and with this news I’m sure that this mobile messengers are coming soon on the tabs too. Again. it’s really an exciting news for me as I use BBM messenger and I’m really looking forward to the service. I know that many of you are also. Well, I hope we’re getting the service soon.

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  1. Sohil Memon says:

    Really, this news is true, then there will be bang in the market and ofcourse clashes between iPhone and BB will occur. Let’s wait for the official release of the application. BTW, thanks for the information.

    Best Regards,.
    Sohil Memon.

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