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WordPress is one of the top and most powerful CMS for blogging to date. After deciding on WordPress as your blogging site, next thing to do is to find a reliable and fast hosting site. You would definitely like to know the speed and configuration of servers where your WordPress site is to be hosted. Security and cost are the other metrics to look for.

There are many hosting companies round the globe to select from. Blogs or websites can be hosted on shared-hosting, VPS or dedicated servers. Shared hosting is the cheapest of the hosting-types. Blue host is one of them and is the official hosting site for WordPress. Let’s explore other features of blue host to know why it is the best bet to host your WordPress site.

bluehost hosting

Customer Support: While deciding to buy any product, first thing that comes to mind is customer support. Beginners are likely to need support when installing or uploading. Bluehost provides step by step support to new beginners and help them in all the issues they face. Bluehost customer support is quick to respond and satisfy you until your issue is resolved. The support executives are well trained in their fields and honest in their answers.

Pricing: You can get Bluehost hosting for $3.49 per month cost with the help of bluehost web hosting coupon from Easywaytohosting. Taking into account their 24×7 support and money-back guarantee, the price they charge is worth paying for.

Unlimited Domains and bandwidth: Yes I am right, with a single account on Bluehost, you can host un-limited number of domains and around two hundred databases with unlimited bandwidth or web space.

WordPress-optimized: Blue Host is official hosting platform for WordPress. Installing WordPress application is quite simple in Blue Host. With a simple click you can get your site updated quite easily. You might want to install multiple sites for multiple niches or product line. With only a single hosting account, you are able to install multiple WordPress sites. Some other web-hosting service providers have many security issues while installing multiple sites but installing multiple WordPress sites is quite smooth and fast. Blue Host is optimized for WordPress can further be gathered from the fact that page loading time is too less which also one of the factor in page is ranking.

Security: no web developer would want to get his data stolen or leaked into some malicious hands. Security is utmost important factor while choosing host-provider. Blue host is using SiteLock security which ensures the security of your data.

Servers: Blue Host has deployed powerful servers. You get   speed matching to that of VPS even on shared hosting servers.

Integration: The functionality of website can be increased by installing additional plugins online. Bluehost paves the way for integration with user friendly interface allowing the manageability of WordPress easier.

Conclusion: If you compare Bluehost with other similar technologies, Blue host clearly stand out in with the it outstanding advantages. With fast servers, high uptime and reliable customer support, Blue host is suitable for small and medium businesses.

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