Customise Your Computer To Suit You

Virtually everybody owns their own computer nowadays, but how do you make your computer your own? People are spending increasing amounts of time on their computer each day so why not personalise your computer to suit you? You can inject it with some personality and you can modify how it works to better suit your own preferences! There are plenty of customisation options available to you so you can personalise your PC. Below are just a few examples of how you can make your computer your own.

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Change Your Wallpaper
Pretty simple advice but changing your wallpaper can make a big difference. It’s the first thing you see when you boot up your computer and the last thing you see when you switch it off. Your desktop wallpaper is a great opportunity to personalise your computer by displaying photographs you took or pictures you like. It’s a great way to inject a bit of your personality into your PC.

Customise Your Icons
Customising your desktop icons is another great way to personalise your PC. You can customise both the icon images and their position on your desktop so it’s possible to get creative and come up with some awesome icon arrangements. Some people even go so far as to use a matching wallpaper so that, for example, their desktop background has a row of shelves and their icons are lined up in place on the screen so it looks like they’re sitting on the shelves!

Don’t Just Use Default Software
There are millions of different programs out there so you’re really limiting yourself if you generally stick to the default software installed on your computer for each task. Any software you have, whether it’s a music player, internet browser, email client or movie player, will likely have several competing alternative programs available. Do some research and give a few different pieces of software a try – you may find yourself liking them more! This is especially handy if you haveĀ fibre broadband and consume a lot of media like movies and music on your PC!

Pin Frequently Used Programs
You’ll no doubt find yourself using certain programs more than others when at your PC. There are a number of ways you can personalise your PC so that your most used programs are more prominently displayed and easier to access for you. You can pin your selected programs to your task bar so that they are always on display; you can pin your programs to the start menu so they always appear before others and you can even select which programs will be automatically booted when you turn on your computer if you so wish.

There are plenty of ways to personalise your PC and make it your own but these tips will give you a great starting point towards customising your PC to suit you. It’s called a ‘Personal Computer’ for a reason, so why adapt to the PC when you can make the PC adapt to you?

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