GetResponse Vs Unbounce Review of the best Landing Page

A website is an important part of business these days. Everyone has one and every great website begins with a great landing page. Internet helps you create your own landing page through the multiple tools available online.


In addition, to choose the best one among those all you have us! We will give you an extensive comparison based on the basics, so that you can get the tool just as you need them.

In this post, we compare two of such tools GetResponse and Unbounce and see how far they stand true to their claims.

Lets Get started!

Designs Available

A landing page tool is supposed to give you a great looking website and a professional looking landing page. Both of it can be created by using the templates that the tool offers. So here we will see which one of GetResponse and Unbounce fulfils this need.

Unbounce Landing Page Templates

Unbounce offers 83 templates to choose from. These templates can then be customised and edited to fit your needs and give you the landing page that you want. With Unbounce you can also add a background image to the template and a page scroller can also be used in your landing page.


GetResponse on the other side gives more than 100 options of templates to choose from for your landing page. It also has a gallery of professional pictures from where you can choose to customise the already existing templates. The templates have responsive design, which is flexible and awesome!

GetResponse allows you to change any HTML code that you want to and it provides a higher number of template options to create you landing page, hence getting a plus one against Unbounce.

Choose For Ease of USE

This ease of use is our next target to evaluate these two tools. As when you want to create something in a DIYH fashion, you need your helping tools and services to be easy to use, efficient and mess-free

Unbounce Landing Page Editing

GetResponse and Unbounce both have a drag and drop editor which makes editing or creating a customised page easy. They also support multiple tools in their grid. But with Unbounce you can not alter the basic setup of the templates while GetResponse allows you to change or edit the HTML coding, this option can be seen on the top right corner of the page.

GetResponse Landing Page Editor

Unbounce and GetResponse both support a one click save and publish option and hence establish the easy usage. So even if it is your first landing page, you can hardly go wrong with these tools. They have taken the ease to use to another level and no point of training is needed to do so at all.

Ease of Integration

Internet is all about interlinks and your website must be in link to the world of internet at all levels and at all times. Hence, your landing page tool must be able to give you the most needed integration.

unbounce integration

Unbounce helps you to integrate your page to Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube and software for CRM, Salesforce and Analytics. It also allows you to connect or integrate to the email marketing tools like MailChimp, AWeber and Constant Connect. Unbounce allows you to have multi user accounts so that not just you but your entire team can get together to give you that perfect landing page.

GetResponse Service Integrations

GetResponse also integrates your page to social media giants like twitter and YouTube, Google analytics and Facebook. But, you will not find any email marketing tools to be integrated as all your email marketing needs is taken care by GetResponse itself, hence there is no support needed for your email marketing needs and no money to be spent on the integration.

Customer Support

After sale services make a great part of customer satisfaction, no one wants a service provider or tool that cannot give you any after sale service. So, we have put across the customer support from both GetResponse and Unbounce under evaluation here.

GetResponse provides support through Live-chat and email. It also hosts multiple videos that help a new blogger to create a page of his need. The presale and post sale services are both great from GetResponse.


Unbounce is one of the most costly landing page tool available in the market. The packages start from $49 and range up to to $199 per month.

Unbounce Pricing

It also gives you a 30 days free trial and is ideal for teamwork given its multi-user options. Hence, Unbounce is most suited for big companies that have a dedicated team to give that perfect landing page.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse however is more pocket friendly option available in the market, with 30 days of trail period and a basic package worth $15 a month it includes all your email marketing needs saving all the money you can spend on email-marketing.


Unbounce is a great competition , with the multiple user options and affordable price but still GetResponse stands as our favourite with the email marketing needs supported and that awesome price it has to offer for you first landing page.

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