Google I/O 2013: What’s happening there Day 1

The world shaking technology giant Google holds an annual conference every year, naming the Google I/O. This is a developer focused conference that is held almost every year at Google in San Francisco, California. Highly technological discussions and stuff take place here, the long sessions include many topics such as web development, mobile and enterprise apps for mobile and computer with Google and other Google technologies like Android, Chrome and Chrome OS, Google Web Toolkit, API, App Engine and many more. All these discussions actually make Google to provide you better service, and that’s why you get the quality Google products every year round.

Google I/O 2013: What’s happening there Day 1

This event began on a regular basis from the year 2008. The I and O stand respectively for Input and Output, and also ‘Innovation in the Open’. And the event is held in the format of Google Developer’s Day, mostly similar to that.

This year, on 2013, it began from May 15 and the number of participants is 5000. Let’s have a look what happened on the first day.

There were total 11 sessions held on Android, all the 10 of them were held on the same time so everyone had to attend either one of them. However, they mostly covered the in-depth core developments of Android and how to develop apps keeping them all in mind. For instance, the very first session which began on 12.45PM at room 12 was about ‘What’s new in Android Developer Tools’, as the name suggests the speakers discussed on the new additions in the Android Developer Tools. The later sessions covered topics on Android App Billing, Volley Android Networking but most of the sessions were about game development in Android. Like the session at 2.45 in Room 5 was about ‘Game Services in Practice’, there were other sessions like ‘Level up your Android Game’. The last session about Android on the first day was ‘In-App Billing Version 3’.

The sessions started at 12.45PM and ended at 06.10PM.

Chrome & Apps
Google has spent really a lot of time with the developers about the Chrome browser and apps for it. Clearly, they want to make the web a far better place and this conference is going to be very useful for this purpose. The seemingly important sessions were ‘A more Awesome Web: Feature you’ve always wanted’, ‘What’s New with the Google Drive SDK: One Year Later’, ‘A Trip Down Memory Lane with Gmail and DevTools’ etc.

The first session on Google+ was about its Platform Review and this was an intermediate level session which was conducted by Seth Sternberg and David Glazer. The sessions afterwards was about integration of Google+ in other websites, Google+ for publishers, Google+ API hangout for one more year, and how Google+ can get most out of your organization etc.

Google Cloud Platform
Cloud computing is a very important aspect these days and the tech world is putting emphasizing on this section more and more, every day. Google, being one of the biggest tech giant simply can’t ignore this. The sessions included the next generation of cloud computing, how to import data sets in Google’s cloud storage, how the mobile, web and cloud are the three crown of today’s modern computing etc.

Google Maps, YouTube
There were longer sessions about Maps than YouTube. The sessions on Maps included Google’s next frontier about indoor maps, design patterns and principles Google use for Maps, and Map for iOS platform. And about YouTube, it was mostly about scripts and mobile YouTube.

Google Wallet
Sessions discussed mainly on how the Wallet works, and a little bit about its development.

And there were sessions on Knowledge and Structured Data and Tech Talk as well.

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