Google I/O 2013: What’s happening there? Day 2

And so, we are back with the 2nd days happenings in the Google I/O Conference 2013. This day was pretty much a continuation of the day before, and every session was just continued from the previous. We are giving you a brief outlook on the whole session that happened. All the sessions this day began on 10 am instead of 12.45PM.

Google I/O 2013: What’s happening there? Day 2


Session 1 (10am – 11 am): A session on ‘Enabling Bling and Low vision accessibility on Android’. As named, it’s going to be useful for the vision disabled persons. There was another session on ‘Android Protips’ on the same time slot.

Session 2 (11.15 am – 11.55 am): A shorter session time as you can see. The sessions were about the Google+ sign in process which is for the developers, and about introducing new features on Android location.

Session 3 (12.45pm – 01.25pm): In this time slot, there were sessions on the new features on Google Play Services and Android’s design principles.

Session 4 (01.40pm – 02.20pm): This session was all about Google’s cloud storage and the other session was about Agile UX research practice taking place in Android.


Session 5 (02.35pm – 03.15pm): The sessions in this slow were about the structure of Android app designs and graphics performance in Android.

Session 6 (03.30pm – 04.10pm): There were three sessions held in this time period and they are on cloud backend for Android app, the Map in Android and the last one was about the for the UI developers about the Android Designs.

Session 7 (04.25pm – 05.05pm): Again two sessions in this time slot and they were about high performance audio and another one on a moving experience.

Session 8 (05.20pm – 06.00pm): Last session of the day which was precisely a chitchat session with the Android team.

This was one important session among the others so we highlighted every single part of it. But now, we are going to tell the other ones in brief.



Chrome and Apps

In this section, there were 21 sessions in different time slots. That’s a lot, and definitely we can’t cover them all in this article. The most important sessions covered a lot of discussions on stunning mobile visualizations created with CSS, web components in action; attractive topics like seeing the world in higher DPI, or how you can make Google Drive notice your app inside it, and trending topics like the future of mobile sites and HTML.


There was a fireside chat with the Google+ team in Room 1, and then afterwards the other sessions continued. There were discussions on Google+ sign in for web apps, how it takes place and how everything happens, and the best practices for the sign up process, how you can grow audience in your Google+ profile and other stuffs like Google+ sign in for the iOS developers.

Google Cloud Platform

13 sessions took place for the Google cloud platform. There were discussions about BigQuery, Cloud Backend, ‘Go On’ App engine and many more.

Google Maps

The internet architecture has now become mostly dependent on HTML5, so is the new modified Google Maps. The discussions on day 2 were mostly continuation from day 1.

All the other sessions were continuations, and the new session on day 2 was about ‘Google Glass’. This session discussed about ‘Glass Development’, Google Mirror API, Hacking Glass, and at last a fireside chat with the Glass Team.

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