How to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Get People Right Into Your Blog


If you have a newly set up blog, then you must be looking for quality traffic and readers to it. It’s indeed a hard job, especially for those who are new to blogging. But it’s not as hard as you think it might be, but you need to have patience and work a lot on it. Work in the right way, you’ll be astonished seeing the huge traffic your blog will be getting.


How do you let people know that you have a blog?

How to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Improve your writing

The first and foremost thing is to produce good write ups. Blogging is all about expression yourself through letters and words, so how are you going to make money through blogging if you are not good at it?

 Write on hot-topics

Write on something that’s been in peoples’ interest in the latest times. If you write on obsolete topics then you are likely to get zero hits. Judge on yourself; when you Google for something, you expect nice and informative articles to show up, not some backdated stuff. Though people also need backdated stuff, but that should not be the priority for blogging.

Make yourself popular on social networks

In this era of socialization through internet, you can’t just neglect those websites. Make sure of your existence on these social networks. Tell people what you are up to and tell them to share if they like it. Also put share buttons on your blog so that people can instantly share. Simple as that.


Though it needs studies – but screw it. Google is always there to help. Learn the tricks and apply on your blog site. If properly done, the search engines will show your blog in the search results and then you’ll be getting people redirected to your blog.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging helps. Look for bloggers who look for guest bloggers. Ask them to write on theirs, also invite them to write on yours. Once you build a mutual relation, you’ll be able to guest write on many people’s blogs. This way, you get to increase your name & fame.

Ads  maybe?

You may then think about advertising your blog on popular website and/or print Medias. But this will cost you money and if you are just thinking about blogging for hobby and earn some money, not something in professional level then this is not for you

Getting traffic to your blog isn’t that hard, is it?

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