How to Increase Your Blog’s Visibility

During blogging, we do not only think about the URL but most importantly the best and quality blogging concerns the weight of the title and content. For a successful blog, is to achieve potential and reliable readers, to achieve this one or owner should have a visible blogging site. It is very logic that to drive traffic to your site is to get attention to your online readers but in the real world or rather offline universe, visibility can be achieved by doing advertisements on TVs, radios or by providing some pamphlets. Let’s see how this can be done on an online platform. Some of the ideas to increase your blog visibility on an online platform

*Some of The best Ways known on how to increase blog visibility

They ways include: bookmarking your blog, advertising entries, networking with others, blog niche and posting on site forum. Some detail explanation on how to go about the rules or ways on how to increase your blog visibility.

* Bookmarking the blog

Always start by bookmarking you blog socially, this means you will have to submit your links that are in your blog entries to different social sites that do bookmarking, example like Pinterest and Digg. The bookmarking sites are beneficial as they have the ability to recommend your blog site to online viewers or read who might be interested with whatever you are doing, making it possible to generate high traffic as well as making your blog become more visible.


* Advertising entries on the blog

To make you blog be seen and your posts to be read often, the track around it is that you can place different adverts on it. Both advertising online and offline are magnificent and excellent ideas. There are some companies offering affordable advertising rates, you can do this even by putting love back or relationship images which tend to attract readers hence providing a high chance to generate traffic. Therefore you can also become very popular if you love back picks and others go viral, this increase your bog visibility.

* Networking with others

Many people, I even think almost every one today have accounts in social networking media sites. This is the best place to get and target readers to your blog so as to drive high traffic to your blog. Social networking is so much recommended in blog visibility. All you need to do is to create a profile especially for you blog and invite different people to subscribe or follow you blog. Ensure you followers on the profile see useful things and content posted and links towards your blog.


* Blog Niche

Establish relations on other blogs not only a good talker and follower to other blogs of different niche. Keep offering blog guesting to you blog and other bloggers so as to enhance an online visibility.

*Posting on forums

Posting on forums can be an advantage too. Visit other blogs and post ideas and your own adverts, ask questions and ensure you make your presence completely with other people who posts on comments and questions.

Remember, blogging is not easy as you think; it is definitely not a monkey job or business. Don’t just focus on enticing readers but have strategies and implement favourable marketing methods to generate traffic and keep your blog’s presence on an online platform.


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2 Responses to How to Increase Your Blog’s Visibility

  1. Phil M says:

    Nice post, this will be useful for new bloggers.I personally use Twitter and do a lot of networking to increase the visibility of my blog

  2. Rajesh says:

    Social media, Guest posting and commenting on other blogs can help one in increasing blog visibility.
    Btw, you have got a nice list for increasing blog’s visibility. Thanks for the article.

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