How to Shop for a Refurbished Server

Refurbished is a catch-all term to describe any item that is no longer brand new in an unopened box. In many cases items are refurbished simply because they have been removed from their packaging. Oftentimes they haven’t even been used, let alone damaged in any way. In other cases, a refurbished item may have been used a few times, and then put aside in favor of something newer, faster, or otherwise more appealing. So what happens to these items that are opened, or gently used, but are otherwise in perfect condition? They are labeled as refurbished items, and often sold for significantly less than products that are the same but not yet opened.
25-04-2014 10-03-16 AMIf you’re in need of a server or other computer equipment, there’s no need to spend the maximum amount of money on a brand-new item. Consider instead looking at refurbished items. For servers and other computer equipment in particular, you will almost always have a limited warranty (anywhere from 90 days to 1 year, depending on the value of the equipment and what a traditional warranty would cover), as well as the vendor’s guarantee that the item has been thoroughly tested. While some refurbished items may show a bit of wear in the form of cosmetic scuffs or missing packaging, they will function perfectly, and so you’re missing out on nothing except the novelty of breaking the seal on a brand new package.

For servers in particular, you’ll find that many refurbished units weren’t even used that long. They may come from data centers that have gone out of business or have simply upgraded, or they may have come from businesses who purchased more than what they needed. In any case, their loss is your gain. You’ll be able to maximize your budget and perhaps purchase extra items that would have otherwise gone on a wishlist.

If you’re looking to purchase refurbished servers and other network devices, check directly with your preferred manufacturers for a list of vendors who carry them. You can also contact merchants directly and inquire as to the availability of refurbished items, and what is available to buy.

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