How to Take a Screenshot on HTC One

This year has been a fantastic experience for the HTC fans as they could they could take a share of the Android world with HTC One, the flagship from HTC. With crystal clear 1080p display resolution, anything on its screen seems lovable. HTC also received mobile of the year award and great user reviews throughout the world.How to Take a Screenshot on HTC One

HTC One has a powerful Snapdragon 600 Chip set with unthinkable features like HTC Sense UI, 4 Ultra-Pixels camera and other amazing features. HTC One has been planned to receive the latest Android KitKat pretty soon and we’re expecting some massive software upgrades. HTC was able to meet their consumer needs with their flagship. You can do innumerable things with your HTC One. But, once in a while you may stumble upon the need to capturing a screenshot from your HTC One. As we all know, taking screenshots are far better way than to use a camera to take a picture. As HTC One has 1080p display, it can show greater pixels in its captured images.

Taking screenshots is a pretty easy task but most of the new Android users might find it pretty difficult to work their way around with this task. As you all can remember, taking screenshots on PCs was a breeze. Only one button click and pasting it would do the job in Windows, but earlier versions of Android required Root access to grant taking screenshots. It was a bit hassle we agree. But now, it’s been equipped with 2button combo trick to help you taking screenshots faster and easier.

Let’s see how you can take a screenshot in HTC One.

Taking Screenshot in HTC One
There’re actually two methods by which you can complete this task. Both of them are button combos and fairly easy to do.
Process 1
This process requires you to press and hold the Power button as well as the Home button together for 1-2 seconds until you hear a clicking sound. You can check whether you’ve done it correctly by swiping out your notification bar. In the notification bar your captured Screen will be shown and from there you can share it with your friends as well.
Process 2
This process is pretty common among the Android users. It’s also a 2button combo trick. Press and hold down your Power Button while holding Volume Down button and count to 2. Holding both of these buttons simultaneous will do the trick and will let your know by a click sound and showing it in your navigation bar.

Benefits of Taking Screenshots

  • Making How-To Pictures

A picture is worth of a thousand words and you can easily make anyone understand by showing how you can do it.

  • Reviewing Apps

Just to show someone how your app works and most of its specs would be a nice idea by sharing it via screenshots.

  • Demonstrating UI and Home screen

After installing new themes, you might be excited to show off it to your friends. Taking a screenshot will do the job perfectly.

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