How to Take a Screenshot on Nexus 7

Google’s tablet platform has gained amazing consumer experience throughout the year with its Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 devices. But, this year they have come with a new version of Nexus 7. It’s known as Nexus 7 2013 or Nexus 7 FHD. Whatever you might call, it has wonderful user recognition in all over the world. Nexus devices are well-known for their monstrous specification within a comfortable budget range. Nexus tablets were designed by Google and Manufactured by Asus. Working with a Nexus is a complete breeze. Additionally, you’ll receive some tweaks every now and then with some major updates. Google always keeps their device the first one to get the latest update. This is why the users of Nexus 7 are enjoying Android KitKat 4.4.2 before other devices.How to Take a Screenshot on Nexus 7

The new Nexus 7 has got major improvements than its predecessor. If you own a Nexus 7, you might want to show off your home screen or any app screen. There might be hundreds of reasons why you need to take a screenshot. We all can remember the times when we needed to take screenshots in our PCs. Taking screenshots was all about two buttons duty and it worked like a charm. No extra software or techniques were required to learn this technique. Taking a screenshot meant very important and still now it is. Screenshots can save you a lot and there’re multiple reasons and benefits behind it. Let’s see the advantages you can if you take a screenshot.

Benefits of Screenshot

  • Showing Home Screen

When you install a new Theme, you want to show your friends how it looks by competing and sharing with them. It can be great fun as well.

  • Taking Pictures for Direction

If you want to show your home address or map to your friend for direction, you can easily take a screenshot and send it to them.

  • Making How-To Pictures

Screenshots are greatly used for showing how-to pictures and videos. People can easily figure out what to do if you show them a screenshot.

Take a Screenshot in Nexus 7

You can easily take a screenshot with your Nexus 7 with a two-step procedure. All you need is a bit of patience and you’d be good to go. Let’s see how you can take a screenshot with your Nexus 7.

  • First make sure you’re at the correct screen mode to capture your screenshot
  • Once you’re into that particular screen which you require, press the POWER and VOLUME DOWN button at the same time and count to 2.

If you’re succeeded in following the procedures, you’ll hear a capture sound and the image of the screen will be saved in your Gallery. It might need a few trials before you can actually take a successive screenshot. You can also easily share your screenshot by swiping down the notification bar. Your screenshot preview will be shown there and on its right there would be a “Share” icon. Touch it to share your screenshot via Google+, Gmail and more.


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