Huawei honor 4 will come?

Huawei Honor 4 (Glory 4) is one of the hottest waited events on the global mobile arena as the developer was about to announce the device on December, 16, 2013. Until now the true technical specifications of the new device are still unknown. However we have got some leak information for you to compare the new smartphone with the most popular Honor models from the brand on the mobile market being Huawei Honor 3C and Huawei Honor 3X. In order not to encourage your hopes we suggest the next information on Huawei Honor 4 to be presumptive.

Huawei Honor 4 photo – leaked


It is believed that the main feature of the new phone by the Huawei mobile phones brand will be a super powerful Mediatek smartphone platform being MTK6592. It is an 8-core processor with all the cores being able to operate at once ensuring steady sustainable multitasking performance. The device is supposed to get a powerful graphic engine Mali-450MP GPU, 2Gb RAM and standard for the market segment cameras of 13MP rear and 5MP front ones. Other features are less obvious. The screen is much debated on. Most of the sources claim the new phone from Huawei will not get an FHD display. The screen size will hardly reach 5.5”. Though there are some doubtful photos of the device, still we can not judge on a presumable design of the device. Obviously, it will be the same inspired with the design of previous top Honor models.

Many mobile geeks are passionate about Huawei Honor 4 as the 3d smart generation of the smart devices was rather successful. To refresh memory about the Honor 3 Huawei models we present a short review of models. For more detailed information and purchase you can visit Flosmall mobile shop.

Huawei Honor 3C is powered up with a quad core mobile engine operating at the frequency of 1.3GHz. The processor is coupled with 2Gb RAM and 8Gb memory. The IPS 5.0” display is based on OGS and LTPS technologies ensuring the brightest viewing experience. 5MP front and 8MP wide angle rear cameras turn the phone into a powerful photo device.

Huawei Honor 3X is the first 8-core 1.7GHz smart device. IPS 5.5” display, 2Gb RAM, excellent camera solution with F/2.2 aperture and additional blue glass filters for extra quality of the photos. Thin case, simple but elegant design will fit this device into any lifestyle.

Huawie Honor 3x


The main trouble with the last smart device is a rather weak battery of 3000mAh which is hardly enough to empower an 8-core engine and graphic processor.

It is rather obvious that the novel Huawei Honor 4 should outdo its predecessor, however it is still unclear what features and tech specifications will give it enough power to do so. Rest assured that Flosmall mobile shop will get the new Honor smart device as soon as the phone will be launched on the mobile market.

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