JIAKE G910 – $67.48 for a 3G smartphone

Jiake is a relatively new name in the scene, and to win over the competition it is very reasonably priced. For people concerned about budget, or first time buyers $67.48 for a 3G smartphone is a surely a lucrative deal. When I started reviewing JIAKE G910, (If you find more jiake phones at here) I have to admit that it surely had some interesting features to recommend it. To start with it has an Android 4.2 operating system and is a typical 3G Smartphone.


Not just the price it impresses with its design as it is not only fashionable but also very appropriately sized just right for the pocket or small purse. Super light weighing just 0.14 kg with paper thin specifications of 141 x 74 x 9 mm/ 5.5 x 2.9 x 0.6 inches, it seems as of the world invention which can be hidden anywhere one wants.

This cell phone scores for its amazing performance when it comes to display. Endowed with a capacitive screen which is a roomy 5.0 this sleek piece has a resolution as clear as the spring water at 854 x 480 (WVGA). One will impressed by the ease of the swipe and swoop which one usually finds in a much more expensive phone so again it is a steal at this price.

The biggest concern for most people when buying a smart phone is the battery backup. But with this phone you can put this to rest as the battery capacity is 2800mAh with a standby time up to 2-3 days. In short you have enough time to enjoy games, movies, music and so on.

This phone has the much desired dual camera so you can take a selfie with 2.0 Megapixel front cameras or take pictures of your entire vacation with a 5.0 megapixel back camera. Surely these built-in dual cameras meet your needs of taking photos.


This smartphone will surely help one connected with family and friends, and if one wants more, there is also an option to have fun by getting online with WiFi.

As it falls among the lower priced Androids, it may not be so well equipped when it comes to the processor. The picture formats available here are JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG and for music the formats are WAV, MP3, AAC. The formats for video are 3GP, MP4, AVI. Excel, PPT, Word are the MS Office format while E-book format includes TXT, PDF. The another drawback of this phone is its RAM which may not be bg enough to support enoughBut considering the price point it is the best thing available. The RAM is 256 MB and the rest of the system has Dual Core, 1.2GHz, Cortex-A7 and the ROM is 256MB. If needed, one can add on a TF of up to 8 GB, but it is not included in the purchase.

To conclude one can say JIAKE G910 is an Android for the first time buyers or person on a budget, or someone who has no care or concern for gaming. The price is quite desirable and the camera is extremely efficient.

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