Mozilla Firefox OS ROM Is Now Available for the HTC Explorer – Details and Everything You Need To Know

Mozilla has been planning to manufacture its own smartphone for quite some time now and obviously, to make this pertinent, they also had to put their own OS in these smarpthones. Although their devices haven’t made their way in the market yet, but the OS sure has a tall standing and going by the name of Boot to Gecko. The OS is a linux based open source system that provides you with all the usual protocol that mostly all Oses do. Now, when it is said that it is Linux based, it means mostly that the appearance of the OS resembles Linux, a clear example are the icons; like linux Firefox OS also has the shiny chew toy appearance that gives off that spark of elegance. The OS has escalated quite quickly and no doubt it deserved the escalation but what about HTC series? Are the HTC users still stuck with the same old OS? Not from this day forward!

All these chips go to XDA devs for designing a ROM for various devices, but this time, it is the HTC Explorer which is also referred as the HTC the Pico. Although a bit shaky as it does have some bugs, The ROM is not that much of a waste of time for Pico users as it gives them something new to see every time they unlock their lock screens.



The Icons, the layout, the color contrast, It’s all music to the users’ ears. It’s the first build so there’s not much to expect but this is just the first step, It needs time to evolve, and by the time the ROM is perfect and complete, everyone will be using it.


The ROM has its pros and cons, and you’d probably already have judged what would outweigh what, but let’s still lay them out for confirmation.


Alright, appearance and looks? I’d give it an 8/10, the design is precise and vibrant and it makes you feel like a success. All the basic things are pretty much functional; Hardware Acceleration, Camera takes snaps, screen works fine, Audio’s fine, a working GPS and the fact that the process of flashing the ROM is simple and easy as always seals the deal halfway.


Although the Pros above are enough to satisfy an infrequent user, frequent users are irritated by the most deadliest con of all; No sim detection! Which means, No SMSs or calls. Its kind of like using an iPod if you’re working with a smartphone. Moving forward, the ROM denies you the right of USB Mass storage, video recording which means no memorable moments, and no Bluetooth.


Seeing that the Cons section is larger than the Pros section, we can judge by the cover that the ROM has not reached to its full potential. But wait out a little, and let this embryo shoot out and grow into the 30ft tree it is destined to!


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