MyScriptFont: Make Your Handwriting A Font & Start Using It

Have you ever imagined that your own handwriting could be a font? I guess not. What if I tell this is possible? Would you then give a try? Hell yes. Now you can use your own font based on your handwriting to type in or better yet for designing. The website MyScriptFont allows you to render your handwriting a font and use it wherever you need. The website also allows you to even make additional designs for every letter. If your handwriting is not good enough, no problem, remember the old saying ‘every odd is a style’, so try to design the letters with your own taste and preference.


What do I need to have?

The first question that surely will hit your mind is what are the prerequisites? As a matter of fact, nothing much just an internet enabled PC, a Pen or a marker, Printer/Scanner.

How to make a Font:

Now first of all, navigate to the MyScriptFont website and download the template. After downloading it, take a printout and start writing new alphabets and letters the way you like. A felt pen or black marker or even a dark blue marker is highly recommended instead of a ballpoint pen.

Once you’re finished with the writing. Scan the filled template in grayscale mode at 300 dpi and make sure it’s in the JPG, PNG or TIFF format. The size of the file should be under 2 MB and within 6000×9000 pixel. And also, while scanning select the ‘portrait’ option as orientation.

As soon as you complete the scan again visit the MyScriptFont website and upload the filled template. Now name your font and select the format (OTF, SVG or TFF) in which you want the font to be.

Now as a final point click on the ‘Send File’ option. Then the machine will convert your handwriting to font and subsequently a popup will appear asking you to download it. Download it.

How to Install the Font:

The installation process is quite easy. For installation, first copy the file and then go to the ‘Control Panel’ and look for ‘Fonts’ option. When you open the Fonts folder you’ll see numerous fonts there, just paste the copied font. Another easy step is to press Window+R from the keyboard. When you do so, the Run command will appear. Just key in ‘Fonts’, then press enter. And lastly, paste the copied font.

Now open any document application and look for your font and start using it.

This is really very simple, just try it out and share your experience with us.

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