Nintendo TVii, alternative for all household remote controllers

Nintendo TVii, an attempt of narrowing down all household remote controllers to a single unit complete in itself


Nintendo is unleashing a television service which transforms its tablet type controller for its new game console called Wii U into a sort of remote which changes the TV channel putting the programs from the internet as far as a few finger taps. With a debut in USA and Canada, the company accepted its delay in its release of the game console. Being released in Japan in just a few days time from the launch in the USA, the company is pursuing TVii as an aim to bring a sense of order to countless channels that are aired on the regular TV. Thousands of movies and shows are made available through Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and many more which include the famous YouTube from Google Inc.

Nintendo TVii

This is the first attempt of integrating live controls of a TV in a device by any video game console making company which could turn out to be an added incentive for shoppers. The device hosts a unique controller called the GamePad which is covered with buttons and joysticks boasting a front facing camera with a touch screen measuring 6.2 inches. The talking of the GamePad directly to your set top box or television is made possible with the help of an Infra-Red Emitter.

The TVii has an inbuilt scanning system that helps in finding out what is available offering you the options to watch a show, movie or sport events right via live TV. Nintendo has plans of integrating TiVo with TVii so as to be able to enable the programming TiVo video recorder from the game console itself. Nintendo expects to add every member of a household to its audience list who has the probability of picking up a GamePad some day, thus expanding its possible market and an independence from a bunch of vivid controllers for each home.

Although users only have the accessibility to the channels which are made available already via antenna or by a TV provider, but search results include all possible options that could persuade some to go for the an upgrade for their channel packages. Though Hulu as well as NetFlix require a monthly subscription costing $8 each separately, but TVii is free. With different users having access to different private profiles and an inclusion of parental control, Nintendo expects a high stake in its offering.


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