Payments via Mobile – Reaching $1 trillion by 2015

About 87% of the globe owns a cellphone. If you’re a owner of a cell-phone then you will buy something from your mobile via CreditCards in your need. The number of mobile payments is increasing day by day as from the cellphone the mobile payment is much more secure. Mobile payment is very subtle and debit or credit card is offering secure mobile payment services and the owners are relying on it more. Now the number is to be raised  up to $1 trillion expected to cross by 2015.

Paying for various things that you buy from the mobile isn’t the latest news. When the smartphones came to the market the mobile payments rose higher than ever. If you don’t have the master cards  the system of paying without mastercards is revolving day by day. The suggestion of the experts is that the technology to support mobile payments is taking a great place in the market and the consumer demand is rising.

Payments via Mobile – Reaching $1 trillion by 2015

Types of Transaction via Mobile

The market is playing a complex role in the field of buying and selling via mobile. Although it offers direct buying but the concept of buying digital items isn’t new and the mobile payment is largely increasing through digital platforms like buying any song from spotify or buying anything from different apps from Android and iOS.

The transaction via Visa and MasterCards has rosed as high as $ 7 trillion per year now. The opportunity to take this number to $1 trillion from mobile is expected within the experts. The difference between physical wallet and digital wallet system is worth the attention and the consumers are relying on the digital wallet systems more as they’re providing more secured services.

Apps to Attract more Consumers

There are almost 700,000 apps both on Android and iOS and the numbers are increasing day by day. Its inevitable about the fact that almost all the apps use a secure payment system. The people are using almost 4 to 5 credit cards in their wallet and the payment can be done by requesting the user to choose their bank account from which the payment will take place. Shopping online is the most preferred service and payments via smartphones are much easier if credit cards take place in it. The most difficult part is to connect the consumers and merchants and via mobile it can done remotely by using bank.

May be you’re a smartphone owner and you don’t want to visit the shop. Then paying via mobile and rolling with the consumers with the ease of staying at home involves a lot more comfort. You can try it now to save more time. Thus you can be the member of that $1 trillion payments which is expected per year by 2015.


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