This Site Makes Your Antique Phone a Paying Machine

This site makes your antique Phone a paying machine

There used to be a time when people were very happy to witness a portable calling device. However, since inception of the smartphone concepts these have extended their functionality much more. Since the day of purchase the buyer has it in mind regarding the specs that he/she wants to see in his next edition. In fact, they change devices pretty much each year.

how to sell mobile

You have to accept that Android and Cupertino platforms have been thoroughly provoking the creativity minds and expectances of the users. Hence, we are witnessing latest editions of the esteemed Android and iOS platforms; the need for latest devices brings people in a nasty circle of infinite upgrades.

What to do with your older phone?

Now it’s pretty apparent we overtake the products those were released in past. Some of us turn it as a playing stuff of our kids, some of us do insane experiments, some just throw it away, and some others have it in mind, ‘I will be selling my phone for cash as quicker as it is possible’. The final groups of people are undoubtedly the smartest. You should make your pocket heavier through the phone recycling service.

Bag some cash for your old phone through is one of the finest platforms on this regard. They say they purchase any phone paying cash for it. The best part is that it involves some really easy steps for doing the job.


1 First you just need to look for the phone model over the site to get the buying cost.

2 Then you put the order offering the name, residence address, mail account and the way you wish to receive the cash; whether through bank account, or PayPal.

3 You can mail them your mobile. They make you available with a free posting address. You can have a free envelope as well upon requesting for sending the phone.

4 Once they get your stuff, you can think of your amount. They put it for a few tests. Once everything’s fine, you get your due. In fact, they notify you regarding each step of the process.

How much you can expect:

We have gathered reports of some devices and the prices they were paid. Reportedly, they pay about £32 for Galaxy Nexus, about £148 for Apple iPhone 5S, about £27 for Google Nexus, once the devices are in condition they want.

Go through the site:

Don’t go too specific about their claim of just any device. You should look for it at their site and ensure it’s there. After going through the comments we got to know that they take only the UK prime manufacturers in to account. However, they have an option of leaving an email for the device you don’t get, and they let you know the price.

In fact the auto-suggest device line-up option functions excellent. Anyway, you should type the phone you are looking for in a precise way.



The site works fantastic overall with specialised options. Navigating through it is pretty easy as well. Especially, the folks over UK should find it more interesting.

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