Review: ZOHO Customer Support system

Your customer service representative is the boss to the customer

Companies that are well known for the loyalty of their customer base are also usually well known for their customer service as well. Zoho support is a shining example of a company that has built its entire reputation around the incredible administration of its customer support system. There are many reasons that customer support should be the number one concern for your business. Below we will list just a few.

Zoho-CRMFirst and foremost, to your customer, your service representative is the boss of the company.

How many times have you spoken directly to a customer as opposed to the number of times that your customer service representative has spoken to a customer? You likely do not even know the ratio, nor should you, because the reason that you have customer service representatives is to handle customer problems so that you do not have to. Place yourself in the shoes of the customer, however. The person that is on the phone with the customer is representing you to that customer. They are the ones with the ability to fix a problem and make the customer feel better. If they do not perform those actions, it is the same as you not performing those actions. With this in mind, you should only higher customer service representatives who are willing to take full responsibility for their job as the boss of their phone line.

Second, customers can quickly see through a company that invests all of their money into sales and none of it into customer service.

The type of company that is quick to pick up the phone to sell but not to provide customer service will quickly find itself rooted out, either directly or indirectly, by its customer base. The review sites that are now the new word-of-mouth will quickly out you if your customer service is below par. Those sites create superstars out of people who help to eliminate from the business world of companies that do not have said customer service, and there are people who are itching to find out if your company is among that fodder. Do not give those people the opportunity. You never know who is on the other end of that phone, so treat everyone as you would want to be treated if you are customer.

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