Revised Google SEO Guide 2012 Edition: Big Changes in Algorithm

Recent changes in Google algorithm which is dubbed as the Penguin has brought a varied reaction to the SEO practitioners. More reactions have heard from those who have not been practicing quality link building techniques. People committed to ethical and white hat practices commonly called the Search engine optimizers are simply smiling across these waves of recent algorithm revisions.

Revised Google SEO Guide 2012 Edition: Big Changes in Algorithm

Companies which are engaging themselves with creation of quality content and white-hat techniques are not startled at the least. As a matter of fact, Google Penguin would be a welcome tool for search engine which sifts quality practices in Search Engine Optimization from the unethical services. Most of the SEO had tough time to re-evaluate their procedure of methods of link building after the introduction of Google Penguin. Numerous companies have ended up pause the submission of their articles to the directories maintaining a large collection of articles, social media and web directories. It would indeed be a futile exercise to follow the traditional techniques of building SEO links after the revision of Google algorithms which favors quality while going for the links that are relevant instead of loose ones. The purpose it serves is to ultimately eliminate and if possible reduce web-spamming too. It aims at preventing web practitioners who always manipulate the ways of search engine ultimately raising the rank of the site.


Finally the Companies specializing in Search Engine Optimization are left with no choice but adjusting to the requirements of Google Penguin. Perhaps some of the companies in SEO service view this recent development as a bane of the SEO service more as the present Algorithm rendered some customary and well practiced SEO practices obsolete. As an example, today’s world of Google Penguin, tips on Search Engine Optimization could include the demand for relevant and quality links, the websites should be submitted in the website directories which are functional. The URL of the site on optimization shall remain bookmarked to the social media sites using accounts of active and real social media.

The content writing submitted should be more relevant rather than being just one of several versions in which the original article could be rewritten. One important thumb rule is remembering that the quality of the contents should remain the unchanging and standard criterion which the Google algorithm constantly aims at.


The new algorithm strategies primarily focus on the ability with which websites would not be affected at all when they are sticking to original content quality.

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