Rovio Account: Now Save Your Game Progress on One Device & Continue on Another

Rovio, the developer behind the popular game ‘Angry Birds’ has announced ‘Rovio Account’, a feature that allows users to save progress of their game and continue the same level on another gadget having Rovio Account. Sorry to say, the feature is available for ‘The Croods’ game worldwide that was launched recently and for classic ‘Angry Birds’ game for iOS in Poland and Finland. However, Rovio says that the feature will soon be rolled out in more regions and there will be some new features as well.

Rovio Account

According to Rovio its fans have been asking for this kind of feature that will not only save their progress but also let them synchronize it across various devices. Here’s what Rovio says in a blog post, “Some of you may have noticed a new feature in your Rovio games called Rovio Account. Our fans have been asking for a way to play their game on different phones or tablets without losing their progress when changing the device. This is exactly what Rovio Account lets you do!”

If you have multiple devices or various platforms, then this feature is indeed helpful. Now you can save your game progress across all your devices. Moreover, if you plan to buy a new device, you can also start playing Rovio games where you left them off. If your device is being used by others then they can have their own accounts to save the game progress.

Once you’ve created a new Rovio Account with your e-mail ID, then you have to verify it, it’s obligatory. You need verify your account in order to sign in to Rovio Account. It has to be done within 48 hours. However, if you were unable to do so, then another one will be sent when you try to sign in to your Rovio Account. Actually, the game progress will be saved to the cloud, as a result it will automatically be synced with all your devices.

Each and every time you’ll be asked if you want to save the game progress, so if someone is playing the game with your Rovio Account, you can ask him/her not to save it. Another thing, if you don’t verify your account then you’ll automatically be signed out of the game. The same will happen if you have changed your password.

For further details and queries, check out the FAQs section of Rovio.

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