Sony Rolls-out Jelly Bean Firmware Update for Xperia E Dual, Go & P

As promised, Sony finally kicks off Jelly Bean firmware update for quite a few of it handsets including Sony Xperia E Dual, Sony Xperia Go and Sony Xperia P. The rollout will be in phases so it will take this month and the next to complete entirely. In addition to Jelly Bean, Sony has integrated some of its own software. According to Sony, it has been working to combine some of its software with the Jelly Bean to facilitate some cool user experiences. So what actually does the update bring? Take a look.

Sony Rolls-out Jelly Bean Firmware Update for Xperia E Dual, Go & P

The update also brings Battery STAMINA Mode that lets you get the full benefit of your battery and makes it last longer by shutting down the apps while the screen is off. And instantly runs them again while the screen is on. You can even customize the STAMINA mode.

The update brings latest editions of Sony Media Apps including Album, Movies and especially WALKMAN. Sony has made these app versions more intuitive so that users can easily access and share all of their data easily and effortlessly.

Now there are a total of 7 panes in your home screen and widgets handling has been made easy with auto-resize feature and the notification panel is actionable. Hence, you have now total flexibility to design your own preferable interface.

Now you can easily sort the application tray and can even organize them as you wish. Just long tap on any app, move it or add it to your home screen. You can even make a folder by just dropping it on another app. Moreover, Sony has added a new Search function to the application tray that lets you locate your favorite app instantly.

As you would have guessed, Google Now also comes with the update that provides correct information at accurate time earlier than you require it. Google Now comprises Google Search and facilitates user profile management at your fingertips. Now you can easily do the daily tasks more easily and proficiently.

According to Sony, the Xperia Go users will not receive the update Over the Air (OTA) seeing the size of some software packages. However, if the device is running on Android ICS then they would receive an in-phone notification to update via PC Companion (Windows) and Bridge (Mac).

Other smartphones including Sony Xperia Acro S, Sony Xperia Ion, Sony Xperia S and Sony Xperia SL are next in line, says Sony. These smartphones would be receiving Jelly Bean update from the end of the month May.

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