Twitter for Android & iOS Updated with Improvement to Search, Web Surfing & More

The native Twitter app has recently been updated for Android, iOS and Mobile Web version. The Android users can grab this update from Google Play store, while iOS users can get it from Apple’s iTunes App store. The new version of Twitter has been updated with quite a few enhancements and bug fixes. However, the new iOS version of the app i.e. Twitter 5.4 has been updated with some additional features compared to the Android and Mobile Web version. The new update to all versions brings enhanced search and discover tab. Further details are given below.

Twitter Mobile App

With the enhanced search you’ll now get results filtered with related tweets. It also shows the most relevant tweets for the searched term. Analyzing the search results, the best one among them will be separated as the ‘Top Tweet’ considering its essentialness and relevance to your query. When you tap on the top tweet you can even see more tweets about that topic in the real-time. Moreover, you can also see additional tweets from any time period by simply tapping on the ‘View more from this time’ option.

Here take a look at what Twitter says in a blog post, “We recently introduced the ability to see older Tweets in search results. Now when you search for important Twitter moments, you may see a Top Tweet separate from the rest of the results. This Tweet is the best match for your query based on relevance and engagement. To see additional Tweets from this time period, tap on “View more from this time”. Try searching for “four more years” or “deep challenge” on your phone to see an example.”

Another update i.e. to the Discover tab now facilitates the pull-to-refresh bustle showing a whole fresh and smoother animation. These are the features that have been added to the all versions.

However, as mentioned above, the update to iOS version brings some additional features. When you search a term, more topics and suggestion will be provided based on the real-time state of affairs. Also, as you compose a new Tweet you’ll see a number of suggestions while keying in a username or a hashtag. While opening a web page within the app with help of inbuilt browser, the associated Tweet will be shown right below the browser. Thus you can now browse web as well as access or reply to the tweet concurrently. In order to hide the embedded Tweet, just pull the tray icon down. Do the opposite to show the tweet.

Now you can easily view the longer conversations in the Tweet details view. Here you’ll see all the replies to a selected tweet. As soon as you block any user in the app, all of his/her tweets will vanish from the connect tab immediately. Now the Twitter for iOS supports traditional Chinese language. Another feature that is compatible with iOS 6 only is the Logout support. Regrettably, you cannot upload videos from Mobypicture, Posterous and Vodpod henceforth.

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