Twitter Unveils App-based Two-factor Verification for Android and iOs Platforms

Here is a great news for Twitter fans as the social network has unveiled a new procedure of authenticating logins along with the utility of the two-factor authentication feature. With this, you, as a user, are enabled to register yourself into the two-factor authentication as well as verify login bids via the networks iOs and Android mobile apps.


Two-Factor Verification

Earlier, in May, the two-factor authentication was unveiled and users where enabled to choose the other form of verification, that’s via verified phone numbers. In this, users get a verification code on their mobile phones with which they can also verify logging-in on Twitter too. In India, only Airtel, Reliance and Tata Docomo were facilitated with this.

App-based Verification

Soon after this, comes the app-based verification with which you are facilitated to verify your login via Twitters mobile app. Here, you do not need to receive a verification code from the network. If you’ve got access to this app, you are enabled with the two-factor authentication of Twitter for better security. While logging in, you can also prefer two-factor authentication via the mobile apps.

Enable App-based Verification

Open the Twitter app, tap on ‘Me’ tab, open the ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Security.’ If you are on Android, you need to tap on your Twitter username and then proceed for Security. Then simply enable ‘Login Verification’ on the screen itself.

With this, you will come across a backup code and do note it down on a piece of paper keeping it safe. You can use this code in order to login in case your phone is not with you. Next, you will get a push notification with which you can approve the login request and when you tap on the checkmark, you will get logged in automatically.

In case you don’t receive any notification, just navigate to the Security settings of the app and simply tap on ‘Login requests’ to approve them. When you are logging in, the browser details and approximate location will be displayed.


This enhances the security of your Twitter account and if you log in via public PCs, you are now safe with this feature. With this, Twitter won’t be relying further on telecom carriers as it did before. Additionally, a few new features have also been accompanied by its iOS and Android-based apps.

Some new-defined Search features have come up which include ‘social context,’ something that shows your friendliness to other users in terms of photo and search keyword. It displays a new photo gallery that shows an enhanced view of picture when you conduct a search.

If you are on the iOS app, you can see the gallery along with the user profiles and photos in one single place.

It also accompanies a list management features which assists you in creating, editing, organising, listing and subscribing. Tweetbot, a third party app used to offer this but now this has become an official Twitter app.


On the basis of the above discussions, the app-based authentication is really helpful and useful as it safeguards your Twitter account from thefts. If you are on Android or iOs, get the app and be secured.

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