Why You should Do Guest Blogging?

You Should Be Doing ‘Guest Blogging’ Because….


A good way to earn money on internet is to blog. If you are good at writing, can write some lines on any given topic or just good at expressing your random thoughts, then you are one perfect fellow for blogging. With blogging, there comes another term ‘guest blogging’; and that is actually very popular. Why should you be doing guest blogging?


When you are reading this post on a blog, I assume you know the entire ‘why’ and ‘how’s about blogging. So I’m not going to write about how to start writing a blog. I’ll tell you about guest blogging.

 guest blogging importance

What is guest blogging?

That is, in very easy words – be a guest in someone else’s blog. Or let someone be a guest in your blog. In more easy words, when you write content for a blog that is owned by someone other than you. It’s actually a marketing strategy; you get to do a publicity of your writings on various websites to reach people. You may advertise your brand, or get traffic to your own blog site, or do SEO; all by doing guest blogging.


Or you may accept these contents from guest bloggers to your blog. If the content is creative enough to attract the readers, they will bring traffic to your blog site and increase your publicity as well. Both you, and your guest’s need will be fulfilled.


The first thing to do before doing guest blogging is to improve your writing.

Unless you write good blogs, most bloggers won’t allow you to be a guest on their blogs. Think of the topic you are going to write, do some brainstorming, find out key points, again brainstorm and set up a format in your mind. Once you are done doing all these, grab your laptop and start writing. Once you get in the flow, you will produce good articles. Always proofread what you write.


And, why should you be doing guest blogging?

 It’s not just a single reason why. There are many reasons, let’s just highlight some of them.


  • You will be able to get quality traffic by doing guest blogging. Write posts for renowned blogs and redirect the readers to your blog as well. That might not be huge in terms of numbers, but at least you will get readers who appreciate you.
  • You will not even know when your influence gets important to people. Though it might be negative or positive, but still people will remember you for your blogging contribution.
  • It’s your portfolio. When you write articles for other people, you are also showing a lot of people what you are capable of.
  • You’re not only getting traffic, you also make a reader base for your writings.


To Dos

  • Choose your blogging platform wisely.
  • Link your contents to social platforms.
  • Keep your blog up to date.
  • Make sure your blog attracts audience.


Not To Dos

  • Avoid websites without reputation.
  • Avoid websites without social media integration.
  • Sites under penalty for something illegal.
  • Blog sites with no audience participation.



You don’t really need to know more than this about guest blogging right now. Because once you are into it, you’ll know it by yourself. Happy guest blogging!



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