Windows 8 and your business

The much awaited Windows 8 is finally unveiled. Microsoft claimed that this version of Windows will reimagine everything about traditional computing and they were actually correct. They changed the computing scenario, merged both tablet and pc interface into one operating system. Will this one be a good choice for your business?

Windows 8 is developed on the main structure of Windows 7 and it’s actually a re imagined and modified version. All Windows 7 software is supposed to run on Windows 8 without any trouble. Still, many consumers will greet Windows 8 with a yawn.

How will windows 8 be for business – there are mixed opinions to this question, both positive and negative.


Most of the businesses out there are still using Windows XP. But the support for XP is diminished so it’s time for them to upgrade to a new version. Vista was less stable and user friendly, so Windows consumers are less likely to switch to Vista. Windows 7 looks almost the same as Vista but with better stability and security, something almost all users want. And Windows 7 will be supported by Microsoft until 2020 so that’s not an issue right now.

Let’s find out why consumers would want to switch to Windows 8

  • Windows App developers will most probably switch to Windows 8 because of certain reasons.
  • Business person who like to take their work on their portable devices – Windows 8 has better features for syncing their works in different portable devices.


Probably these two are the strongest reason for switching to Windows 8. And the negative reasons are so many.

 They are –

  • Windows 8 is not good for older PCs. Why would the small businesses upgrade their whole system all on a sudden just for an operating system?
  • The businesses will need to retrain their employees for Windows 8. The whole concept is new and it takes time to get used to. Business can’t allow that much time, so training is needed. Too much hassle.


  • It’s not like Windows 8 has come with lots of new and cool features. In fact, there is nothing impressive for the business people.
  • Windows 8’s metro UI won’t support the older software. They will run in the old desktop view, but you don’t need to update to Windows 8 for that. Windows 7 will do just good. And most of these enterprise apps have not been rewritten for Windows 8 Metro UI.
  •  And out of everything, Windows 7 will deliver almost everything that Windows 8 currently does. Why update to Windows 8 then?

Things are made clearer now, aren’t they?

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