YouTube for Android Updated, Brings Google+ Profile Integration

Google has updated the YouTube native app to version 4.3.9 by adding some new features and bugs fixed. The new version is currently available on Google Play market and to install/update it on your smartphone/ tablet make sure you have Android 2.2 or higher. For further details visit Google Play marketplace. However, let’s find out more about what the update brings.

YouTube for Android

According to Google Play Store, the new app has been integrated with Google+ profile as a result you can now use your Google+ profile on YouTube to comment on a video or like or +1 videos. However, as of now, we have only picked out the mentioned uses of the integration but we’re still looking for others.

Another feature that has been added to the app is the TV playback control. In case you have paired the app with your TV then the feature might come in handy as you can now control TV playback directly from the notification bar.

There has been a major bug fixed that did not let users to watch videos in full screen mode even with the option enabled. Most uses have been suffering from this issue and finally Google has managed to fix it.

What’s new in the YouTube version 4.3.9 (According to Google Play):

  • Use your Google+ profile on YouTube
  • Control TV playback directly from the notification bar
  • Fullscreen button bug fixed

If you haven’t yet downloaded YouTube app because of any reason, why don’t you give it a try. Or if you already have it on your smartphone/ tablet then update the app from Google Play right away or simply initiate the update from your browser.

Recently, Google has also updated its Google Drive app with some enhanced features and several bugs fixed. Google claims that with the updated version, user will certainly experience an improved and faster performance. The Google Drive Version 1.1.592.10 has two new major features, one is support for video streaming and the second one is pinch to zoom.

Now Google Drive allows you to watch your video files by streaming them. But to enjoy seamless video streaming make sure your smartphone/tablet has Android 3.0 Honeycomb or higher.

With the feature pinch to zoom, you can view tiny stuffs in the presentation viewer that comes integrated with the app. Just pinch and zoom and get a legible platform without having to go trough a usual complex process like menu then option then zoom. The feature is surely a relief to the Android users having a small screen gadget.


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